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Processing process and control of easy installation spc flooring
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Easy installation spc flooring, that is, PVC stone plastic flooring, is a relatively hot product. It is made of PVC resin and highly filled calcium powder, and various additives combination, after high-speed mixing extrusion calendering online lamination cutting annealing UV treatment slitting slotting made. It has the advantages of environmental protection, no formaldehyde, cheap, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-slip, insect-proof, flame retardant, no cracking, no deformation, no pollution, easy to clean, etc. This article will take you into detail to understand the processing and control of easy installation spc flooring.

easy installation spc flooring

1. easy installation spc flooring formula and weighing

Different weight materials need to use the corresponding accuracy of the scale to ensure weighing accuracy.

The integration of the material: convenient storage weighing flow cast, needs to be sampled to review the composition and accuracy. If it is, an automatic weighing system must be monitored and reviewed.2. easy installation spc flooring mixing material storage

(1) The order of feeding: the order of feeding is decided according to the way of adding materials.

(2) Automatic feeding and mixing system can be set as follows: filler ↑90℃, treatment agent and PVC resin ↑95℃, stabilizer lubricant ↑105-110℃, processing aid enhancer ↑115℃, return material ↑120-125℃.

(3) Manual feeding: PVC resin + filling material + small material + PVC resin + filling material + PVC resin + return material; one-time feeding, 120-125℃ discharge.

(4) Cold mixing: must be sufficiently and quickly cooled to prevent material deterioration, with the ability to cool to 40-45℃.

(5) Storage: To ensure the uniformity of the material, it is necessary to use a large storage tank to store and set aside for a certain period of time before use.

Mixed well set aside for a certain period, the material needs to test the dry flow of different batches of materials and test the rheological properties of the logistics as a means of monitoring and providing a basis for analysis and improvement.

Note that there are differences in the mixing effect of different blenders and in mixing temperature and time.

3. extrusion process of spc floor.

The setting of the processing process affects not only the level of processing but also product quality and production efficiency. Need to combine equipment characteristics, material properties, and formulations carefully.

(1) the size of the extruder and the relationship between the production of product specifications.

The size of the extruder has a certain relationship with the size of the product cross-section.

(2) The body: a zone two temperature is very important. There is a need to ensure plasticization to facilitate the vacuum. Too high, easy to accumulate material in the vacuum port, generally between 185-195. Others can be slightly lower.

The temperature of the merging core and the back pressure has a big impact. Lowering the melt from the spiral movement into linear movement is beneficial, generally in 165-175 ℃.

The mold temperature is relatively higher for the flow of small gap melt, generally between 190-200℃, combined with the mold gap corresponding to adjust the thickness of the blank uniform.

(3) Extruder host speed: generally controlled at 75-85% of the rated speed. Feeding speed is mainly determined according to the host speed and host (load) current.

Under the premise of formula determination, processing temperature, host speed, and feeding speed match each other so that the current is the stable, uniform surface of the material without defects and a certain production speed.

In the screw use, a certain time will appear wear. First, you can adjust the processing process, such as reducing the extrusion speed, increasing the feeding speed, and appropriately increasing the processing temperature of the first and second zone to reduce the temperature of the merging core. Properly adjust the formula to increase the amount of ACR. If necessary, readjust the clearance related to the screw barrel, grind and polish the damaged parts, and then adjust the process recipe.

4. easy installation spc flooring calendering lamination process

Under the premise of extrusion stability.

(1) Main control: roller gap, temperature, speed, and matching of front and rear speed.

The gap and speed of the first pair of rollers determine the basic thickness of the floor and should be initially determined according to the line speed of extrusion. The back laminating roller speed is slightly faster to ensure a certain amount of up force and does not cause the film to stretch narrower as appropriate. The traction speed is rather so as not to deform the plate. According to the current situation, there are adjusted a little slower. Embossing and film mainly rely on the roller gap, roller temperature decision, different sheet thickness, film types, using different gaps and temperatures, and considering the impact of traction speed.

(2) Roll temperature and speed: it should ensure normal embossing, clear embossing, firm film adhesion, full edge cutting, and no film deformation.

(3) Roller temperature: generally at 165-185℃.

(4) The gap between the front and rear two pairs of rollers is the same. The two need to be combined and adjusted.

5. spc floor shaping and other.

As the product's production process has not been completely set, the cutting flow to avoid the force and the load-bearing pallet needs to be solid and flat. Product testing also requires the substrate and finished product to be set aside until a certain time to take samples.

In summary, with only a full understanding of the product quality and processing requirements, combined with equipment, materials, and practical design of the formula and processing process, to master their role and the relationship between the relationship and impact, you can balance the product quality, production efficiency, the cost of the formula, processing costs of these elements. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!


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