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Is it true that innovative flooring products do not contain formaldehyde?
 2022/03/25 | View:835

It is well known that formaldehyde is a harmful substance to people's health, especially when decorating, many places contain formaldehyde, such as floors, furniture, wallpaper, etc., so there's a lot of skepticism about whether innovative flooring products really are formaldehyde-free, and is that really the case?

innovative flooring products

The first thing we need to understand is where formaldehyde comes from. When decorating, formaldehyde is generally used as an adhesive to make glue, so wherever glue is used, it will contain formaldehyde, innovative flooring products are made with other adhesives that eliminate the opportunity to use formaldehyde and thus eliminate it from the air at its source, thus enabling innovative flooring products. And innovative flooring products are more environmentally friendly than general composite flooring, compared with solid wood flooring is easier to manage, and moisture-resistant, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, so at present, innovative flooring products are well received by the home decoration market, it's also being marketed.

Innovative flooring products are now also being used by more and more families. As a manufacturer of innovative flooring products, Changzhou Senhong Decorative Material Co., Ltd has a large capacity and a wide variety of products. For more information, please contact us.


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