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The best partner for winter floor heating: easy installation spc flooring
 2022/11/23 | View:610

Winter has arrived, and with it comes the cold. Is there a way to turn a cold winter into a warm one? Undoubtedly, underfloor heating is one of the very effective ways! With the improvement in people's living standards, many families are now equipped with underfloor heating. In addition to underfloor heating, the flooring that goes with it is also very important. Various brands, materials, and styles of flooring on the market make people dazzled. What kind of flooring is most suitable for an underfloor heating environment?

easy installation spc flooring

We first need to understand the heating method of underfloor heating flooring.

Underfloor heating is a heating method that transmits heat to the room through the floor, and in this heating method, the floor is the intermediary that connects the heating pipes to the human body. When purchasing underfloor heating flooring, special attention must be paid to heat dissipation, heat resistance, environmental protection, and safety of the floor material. In the case of meeting basic heating needs, these indicators are very important for the selection of heating flooring.

With total heat dissipation, heat resistance, environmental protection, and other performance requirements, easy installation spc flooring is undoubtedly the first choice for underfloor heating.

(1) heat and cold performance are good. The material's physical properties of easy installation spc flooring are stable, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, it can adapt to sudden changes in temperature, heat dissipation is uniform, and it will not expand and deform when used for home floor heating.

(2) Good thermal conductivity. The floor heating flooring use environment is more complex to resist the ground moisture attack and to withstand the high temperature brought by floor heating. Traditional wood flooring can easily cause deformation because of sudden temperature changes, which affects both comforts and is quite unattractive; tile flooring has good thermal conductivity, but it absorbs heat quickly and dissipates it quickly, and it is very cold in the cold winter when you step on it with bare feet. Compared with them, easyinstallation spc flooring has strong heat permeability. It is more suitable for floor heating room flooring, which can transfer the floor heating temperature to the ground in just 3-4 minutes.

(3) Green and environmental protection. In the usual climate conditions, the temperature increases by 8℃, and the formaldehyde concentration in the air will double. Therefore, when the floor heating makes the indoor temperature rise to a certain degree, it will accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde within the floor. The main raw materials for easy installation of spc flooring are PVC and stone powder. PVC is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic renewable resource at room temperature, and stone powder is a natural material 0 formaldehyde, which is more environmentally friendly.

(4) Variety of patterns and colors. Easy installation spc flooring has realistic and beautiful patterns and colors, such as wood grain, stone grain, carpet grain, etc., which can enhance appearance and comfort in a warm indoor environment.

(5) Installation and construction are quick. Easy installation, spc flooring installation, and construction are very quick. The ground is flat and flat to install without cement mortar, playing keel, and other tedious procedures. Maintenance is also very convenient, as long as simple cleaning and wiping can be done daily.

In winter, when you walk barefoot on the warm floor at home without any worries and feel the burst of warmth coming from the soles of your feet, this is how pleasant a kind of enjoyment.


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