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The causes and control methods of the color difference of top quality laminate flooring
 2022/12/15 | View:506

Nowadays, wood flooring is one of the most frequently used wood products in the current market, and its raw material is biomass material wood or modified wood, which is green and environmental protection. It has a natural color, so it is widely used in the interior decoration of each household and company. Top quality laminate flooring is the best of wood flooring. Not only environmentally friendly but also strength, specifications, wear coefficient, anti-corrosion, anti-moth and decorative properties are far superior to another wood flooring. Inevitably, the use of top quality laminate flooring will produce the phenomenon of color difference, so what is the reason for this phenomenon? And how to properly control this phenomenon?

top quality laminate flooring

1. The reason for the color difference of top quality laminate flooring.

(1) surface stain resistance performance is not qualified. Because the surface of wood flooring products and certain materials come in contact with the chemical reaction, which leads to wood flooring color difference, so top quality laminate flooring needs to have a certain stain resistance, to withstand the surface of wood flooring to acid and alkali chemical reagents and drinks, seasonings and other effects;

(2) decorative paper color difference caused by the quality of laminate flooring color difference. Top quality laminate flooring surface will be paved with decorative paper to achieve a certain decorative effect. Decorative paper production will be due to printing deviations, poor light fastness, and poor resistance to discoloration caused by color differences, resulting in top quality laminate flooring in the use of the process of great color differences;

(3) The dipping glue process is not stable. Top quality laminate flooring on the decorative paper surface must be paved with wear-resistant paper, but the decorative paper and wear-resistant paper production batches are different. There will be different volatile, pre-curing degrees, adhesive, etc., in the same impregnation process may cause the phenomenon of dry and wet flowers so that the floor products appear color difference;

(4) moisture caused by the color difference. Top quality laminate flooring in the process of use. If moisture penetration into it leads to the floor's darkening or blue change, there will also be a bulging phenomenon. Cleaning should avoid being too wet cleanup to prevent moisture from entering the floor;

(5) The color difference is caused by the difference in gloss. Because of the different depths of the surface texture of top quality laminate flooring, the reflection effect of light is not the same, so it will cause a difference in visual gloss, thus causing color differences.

2. How to control the color difference of high-top quality laminate flooring?

(1) top quality laminate flooring in the production process should be strict requirements for the production of decorative paper and wear-resistant paper, improve the quality of printing, and reduce the original paper produced by the color difference. In the production and processing, as far as possible, according to the press paste batch for batch production, to avoid the color difference caused by mixing different batches. In the dipping process, we should master the reasonable sizing time and pressure and other process data;

(2) In the flooring installation stage, the installer should carefully check whether there are different batches of mixed top quality laminate flooring, whether there is a color difference, color difference of the floor can be laid to the bed, closet, sofa, and other furniture underneath, not to be exposed. From production to installation, are closely linked to reducing product quality problems arising from color difference ;

(3) consumers, usually in the maintenance and maintenance of top quality laminate flooring, should avoid damping wood flooring and reduce the damp cleaning method to prevent moisture discoloration.

The above is about the top quality laminate flooring that produces color difference reasons and control methods. If you need a more detailed understanding, welcome to contact us!


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