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What is Factory direct Laminate flooring? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
 2021/12/28 | View:1053

Factory direct Laminate flooring also has a lot of types, Laminate flooring is a more common type of flooring, because its texture is clear and beautiful, and very wear-resistant, so it is popular.

Factory direct Laminate flooring

 A. What is Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is also commonly known as laminated wood flooring or impregnated paper laminate flooring, and its main layer is made of moisture-proof layer, high-density base material, decorative layer, wear-resistant layer, these four materials are pressed. The better quality laminate flooring is first covered with a layer of impregnated thermosetting amino resin on the surface of the density board or other substrate, and then a moisture-resistant layer is added to the back of the substrate. The key is that a decorative layer and a wear-resistant layer will be added to the surface of these layer after layer of the substrate and pressed, so that the wear resistance of the floor is much stronger. Laminate flooring competition is fierce, so there are many businesses in the market will name their own floor, for example, there will be super good laminate flooring and so on, in fact, these are laminate flooring.

 Second, what are the advantages of Laminate flooring?

  1. Strong wear resistance

  As mentioned above, the surface layer of laminate flooring is a wear-resistant layer, so Laminate flooring is wear-resistant compared with other wooden floors.

Laminate flooring

  2. Highly decorative

  Because the decorative layer of Laminate flooring is added layer by layer by itself, many businesses also choose to use computers or professional equipment to copy a variety of different wood patterns, so compared to the traditional wood flooring, laminate flooring size specifications will be slightly larger, richer patterns, more decorative.

  3. High cost performance

Laminate flooring because it is some base material pressed, the price will be slightly cheaper. But the low price will not affect its practicality, corrosion resistance and wear resistance is relatively strong. Even if we usually use some sharp objects to scratch in life, it will not leave traces. Laminate flooring is not grooved on all sides, so it is very easy to install.

Third, what are the disadvantages of Laminate flooring?

  1. Difficult to repair

Laminate flooring because it is pressed by some substrates, these substrates are high-density fiberboard. So the laminate flooring is particularly difficult to repair after damage, and it will be easier to warp after encountering water.

  2. Contain formaldehyde

  We have mentioned above Laminate flooring is pressed by four layers of substrate, so in these processes will use a large number of adhesives, the amount of formaldehyde will be slightly higher.

  3. Experience

  Because Laminate flooring has more substrates, its thickness is a little thicker compared to other panels. And the density and hardness of the substrate are relatively large, the feeling of stepping on it is very hard.

Good quality Factory direct Laminate flooring surface gloss and pattern are more proportional, and the interface is not broken phenomenon, touch is also smooth will not appear uneven feeling.


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