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Laminate flooring factory explains how to install laminate flooring
 2022/01/24 | View:1063

Laminate flooring is resistant to corrosion and moisture, is easier to handle than other floors, and is less prone to deformation, but laminate flooring factory reminds you to follow the steps when laying, to prevent arching or abnormal sound.

Laminate flooring

First of all, need to deal with the grass-roots, roughcast room in the renovation of the ground is not necessarily completely flat, dry, laminate flooring factory suggests that in the shop before laminate flooring, we need to check the moisture content of the ground if the ground is wet it will need to be waterproofed again and then leveled with cement. Secondly, the floor mat needs to be laid. Although the floor is well treated, the laminate flooring can not be directly laid on top of it. The floor mat also needs to be laid flat, there can be no overlap, and the seams also need to be pasted, laminate flooring factory suggests adding a moisture-resistant layer if the area is particularly humid. Next, you can start the installation, installation in accordance with the direction of the card buckle to install, you need to ensure that the shop close, can not have a too large a gap. After they are all laid and pasted, they can install the baseboard. Before installation, they need to leave the size of the baseboard in advance. You can use a wooden board to clamp it in the middle. After installing all the edges of the floor, use special nails to secure the baseboard.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is now widely used as decoration materials, now more and more families choose it, Runlin floor as laminate flooring factory, large-scale production capacity, variety, if you want to know more about composite flooring, you're welcome to contact us.


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