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How to test the wear resistance of top quality laminate flooring?
 2022/08/26 | View:720

Many people use wooden floors when they decorate their homes. In particular, top quality laminate flooring is deeply loved by consumers because of its beauty, wear resistance, durability, and suitable price. Today I will teach you how to test the wear resistance and burning resistance of top quality laminate flooring.


1. The products that are not abradable by sandpaper are inferior.


The surface wear resistance is an important index to check the quality of laminate flooring. If you don't have sandpaper at home, you can also use the file in the nail repair toolbox at home.


Press your thumb on the sandpaper and rub the same place of the floor sample back and forth. Replace a piece of sandpaper every 20 times of friction. "The thumb force should be controlled at about 5kg. You can press it on the scale in advance to adjust the force." The increased force also reduces the number of times of friction, so that the results can be obtained more quickly.


In general, even if the top quality laminate flooring is rubbed for more than 50 times, the surface remains intact and bright as new.


top quality laminate flooring

2. It is recommended not to buy it when burning the surface with cigarettes.


In addition, to wear resistance, the top quality laminate flooring surface shall also have the properties of burning resistance and scratch resistance.


First, remove the cigarette holder, then ignite and burn about 10 mm. After that, the burned cigarettes were placed horizontally on the surface of the laminate floor, self-ignited for 10 mm, and then the cigarettes were removed.


After wiping the sample surface with a wet cloth, observe the change of the sample. The results showed that there was no black spot on the surface of a laminate floor after it was burned by cigarettes, indicating that the quality was good; After the surface of another laminate floor was burnt by cigarettes, obvious black spots appeared, indicating poor quality.


After this experiment, if the surface of the laminate floor has black spots, cracks, and bubbles, it is recommended that consumers do not buy it.


The above is the method to test the abrasion resistance and burning resistance of top quality laminate flooring. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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