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How to buy top quality laminate flooring?
 2023/01/06 | View:743

In today's home decoration, more and more consumers will consider choosing top quality laminate flooring when buying flooring, which also makes the market a variety of top quality laminate flooring. But in the face of a wide range of solid wood laminate flooring products, how do we choose it?

top quality laminate flooring

First, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of high-top quality laminate flooring.

1. What are the advantages of high top quality laminate flooring?

(1) with traditional flooring, the specification is large, which is an advantage and disadvantage.

(2) There are many colours and patterns and a wide range of choices.

(3) Compared with ordinary flooring, wear-resistant, has high hardness, and superior performance, favoured by consumers.

(4) Easy to install, forming a precise bite without glue.

(5) High-cost performance, in line with the general consumption level.

(6) Easy care. When stains appear, wipe them with a cloth with a small amount of detergent.

2. What are the disadvantages of high-top quality laminate flooring?

(1) Poor repairability, once damaged, must be replaced.

(2) compared with wood flooring, the density is large, with poor footing.

(3) the use of formaldehyde adhesive in the production will release a certain amount of formaldehyde.

Second, how to buy high-top quality laminate flooring?

1. Wear-resistant revolutions. An important indicator to measure the quality of the floor. Generally, the higher the wear-resisting rpm, the longer the floor's life, but the wear-resisting value is not the only criterion to measure the years. Wear-resistant revolutions up to 10,000 for the excellent product, less than 10,000 revolutions of the product in the use of 1 to 3 years will appear in different degrees of wear and tear phenomenon.

2. The expansion rate after water absorption. An indicator within 3% is regarded as qualified. Otherwise, the floor is easy to deform in the case of wet or high humidity and poor sealing around, which affects daily use.

3. Formaldehyde content. This is the key to their health, but consumers easily ignore it. According to European standards: formaldehyde content per 100 grams flooring does not exceed 9 mg, and more than 9 mg is a substandard product.

4. Floor thickness. The flooring thickness is 6 to 12 mm. The thicker the thickness, the longer the service life, but we need to consider the actual needs.

5. assembling effect. Take two assembling samples, and see whether the assembling is neat and tight.

6. Floor weight. The weight of the floor depends on the density of the substrate. The substrate determines the stability of the floor and impact resistance, so the better the substrate, the higher the density, and the heavier the floor.

7. Formal certificate and inspection report. When on the floor, figure out the merchant's relevant certificates and quality inspection reports.

8. Environmental performance. Select flooring should consider environmental protection, followed by product performance and price. You can confirm whether it is an environmentally friendly product by looking at the green certificate.

9. After-sales service. Laminate flooring needs to be installed by professional installers, and consumers need to ask whether the businessman has a professional installation team and whether there is a formal warranty certificate and warranty card.

The last point that needs to be added, many users are questioning whether the maintenance of high-top quality laminate flooring needs waxing. The answer is: no. Top quality laminate flooring is not suitable for waxing maintenance. Its colour degree is very good, as long as the floor is kept dry and clean. Waxing instead will make a faux pas so that the floor's surface is too oily because the top-quality laminate flooring has a layer of protective substances. Waxing used to protect the oil can not penetrate it but will cause inconvenience to daily use. In addition, high top quality laminate flooring only needs to use a vacuum cleaner, and then half wet cloth or mop can be wiped.

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