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How to choose the top quality laminate flooring
 2022/02/25 | View:1005

Modern home life, we currently use the most common flooring is a laminate flooring, which is what we usually call laminate flooring, there is a multi-layer solid wood flooring and original wood flooring. laminate flooring it, with its excellent cost performance by everyone's welcome.

laminate flooring

Today I'll introduce to you how to select top quality laminate flooring, first of all, its composition is divided into four parts, part of the wear-resistant layer, she a color layer and a substrate layer and a balance layer, then we actually how to select to top quality laminate flooring it?

First of all, of course, is its degree of wear resistance, laminate flooring surface wear resistance, it is the first layer of aluminum trioxide, is generally good laminate flooring, its surface wear-resistant layer are imported, and that means that the distribution of aluminum trioxide particles are very uniform.

The second is to see the color, for the good laminate flooring, you look at his hair color, the whole clarity is very high ah, is imported, he looks this color is very beautiful, very real, with a steel brush on top of it is not damaged, good flooring color layer it is generally imported, and 20 years later, its color layer is very anti-UV.

There is another is the grass-roots level of the good or bad decided laminate flooring overall use of life, only good quality high density board as a substrate, this wood flooring it will be strong, you see in addition to the back, each piece of the above have this factory information, these are environmental protection level, wear resistance and production date, batch number, etc., only good substrate, he this ink printing of this Only good substrate, he this ink printed on top of the substrate, he will not penetrate into, general you can go to see, most of them are played on the back of this balance layer above, only high-quality is played on top of this, will not penetrate into. If the wood is MDF or other panels will be blurred.

laminate flooring Structure

top quality laminate flooring must have good latches to make it more perfect, good latches it can 12 meters long vertical paving, general latches, it is every 6 meters to an expansion joint, which means you have to partition between the living room and dining room, and also between the walkway and bedroom. So the requirements of the latch is also very high.


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