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What are the advantages of easy installation SPC flooring?
 2022/11/10 | View:669

One of the advantages of easy installation SPC flooring, as its name suggests, is that it has some advantages over other types of flooring or tiles. These advantages are also determined by the performance of the base easy installation SPC flooring. Therefore, the SPC floor generally has the following five advantages.


 easy installation SPC flooring

1. Good environmental performance. This is also a lot of friends before choosing a floor to consider a problem. Easy installation SPC flooring is a new type of environmental-friendly formaldehyde-free flooring material because easy installation SPC flooring is made without glue. Like many materials, the formaldehyde in easy installation SPC flooring is actually from the glue. So it is no formaldehyde, benzene or other toxic and harmful substances. It can be said that the real zero formaldehyde green products. This is a big advantage over some composite flooring.


2. Easy installation SPC flooring provides excellent waterproofing and moisture resistance. Like when we lay wood floors in the home, will consider the use of the environment. If particularly damp, are not dare to shop wooden floor, but shop SPC floor need not worry. Because the SPC floor has a very good waterproof effect, the moisture-proof effect is also very good, and there are mildew and other characteristics. This solves some of our worries about the traditional wooden floor being afraid of water and tide. Therefore, the SPC floor is also more widely applicable. For example, our bathroom, kitchen, and balcony can be used SPC floor.


3. Easy installation SPC flooring has excellent skid resistance. As we are in the choice of ground paving materials, will take into account the characteristics of the ground materials. For example, the toilet floor must choose anti-skid material, anti-skid performance is a particularly good material, for the living room is the same. Because the surface of the SPC floor is treated with a special wear-resistant layer, this wear-resistant layer has very high anti-skid characteristics. And after the meeting water will be more astringent, so after the meeting water also very good anti-skid effect. This will not worry about water after a particularly slippery situation. Especially when there are old people and children in the family, we should pay special attention to this.



4. Installation is very convenient. Easy installation SPC flooring is now essentially a lock-and-lock floor structure. The lock floor structure is through the mortise and tenon around the floor, in the installation to bite each other to connect, so that the floor can be assembled into a whole structure. Therefore, the installation, in fact, compared with the traditional SPC flooring installation method is the same, this is the same will not cost a lot of labor.


5. Another feature of the SPC floor is that it is silent and comfortable for the feet. This is also due to the characteristics of each floor SPC decided. We can go to experience the SPC floor, the muffling effect is very good. If we walk barefoot on it, the footboard will be very comfortable, giving a feeling of elasticity. And even if you fall on it, you won't get hurt. In addition, there is an SPC floor surface does not need to be as careful as a wood floor, usually with a towel or wet mop can be wiped very clean.


The above is a list of five easy installation SPC flooring pros that will help you better understand our product feel free to contact us if you have any other needs or questions.


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