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What is the best new waterproof technology for floor waterproofing
 2022/01/24 | View:1025

Floor waterproofing treatment is an important part of the renovation construction, in addition to professional ground waterproofing treatment before the renovation, ground decorative materials, waterproofing, maintenance is also very important daily work, New waterproof technology spc flooring waterproof how to do? How can tiles be waterproof? The floor permanently will also appear wet, thus triggering a series of warped, broken phenomenon, how to waterproof floor tiles?

New waterproof technology spc flooring

spc flooring waterproofing treatment

Purchase: choose wood flooring with low moisture content, wood flooring moisture content should be about 11%. Installation: use adhesive installation method and metal keel installation method.

Before paving: ① clean the ground and keep it dry; ② waterproof and moisture-proof treatment; ③ priming with pearl cotton, the back of the floor coated with moisture-proof

Protective paint: ⑤ floor bought home first in 16 ℃ to 18 ℃ at room temperature for two days.

After laying: ① Don't touch the floor after laying for 48 hours; ② Avoid walking and placing heavy objects; ③ Clean with vacuum cleaner or broom.

New waterproof technology spc flooring's environmental performance is really great, in the production process without a drop of liquid glue, but also with the environmental protection of the new material, the whole environmental protection aspect is really very good. And this spc flooring waterproof performance this piece, is determined by the material from the inside out waterproof strength, so spc flooring even bathroom kitchen this scene is good to use.

Tile waterproofing treatment

Paving color glazed tile class: processing grass-roots → bullet line → tile soaking wet → paving cement mortar → installation of standard blocks → paving ground tile → hooking → cleaning → maintenance.

Paving ceramic brocade tile (mosaic) class: dealing with grass-roots → bullet lines, standard reinforcement → paving cement mortar → paving → patting → sprinkling, uncovering paper → dial seam, grouting → cleaning → maintenance.

Anti-slip waterproof floor mat

Waterproof carpet material: chemical fiber, blended, cotton, acrylic.

Note: ① place the floor mat to consider the place weekday water problem; ② the floor mat needs to be replaced often; ③ when the weather is sunny take out to the sun.

Flooring waterproofing materials

waterproofing materials: waterproofing membrane, 911 polyurethane waterproofing materials, new polymer cement-based waterproofing materials.

Waterproof flooring

Construction steps: ① clean up the grass-roots level; ② coated with primer; ③ brush coating corner, pipe mouth; ④ large area painted two times; ⑤ water storage test

Home waterproofing acceptance

Acceptance criteria: material acceptance, grass-roots acceptance, waterproofing layer, process acceptance, water storage experiments.

Acceptance specifications: home kitchen and bathroom waterproofing, bathroom waterproofing, underground waterproofing works, roof waterproofing.


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