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Factory direct Laminate flooring shopping guide, what is the difference between different kinds of flooring?
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As the saying goes, "people raise wood for three years, wood for life" wood flooring warmth and comfort, is the tile can not be replaced. Especially the family has the elderly and children, laying wood flooring safety better.

Therefore, there are still a lot of people who are interested in wood flooring!

However, there are many kinds of wood flooring on the market, what is the difference between different wood flooring? In addition, wood flooring in the end not environmentally friendly, that one is more durable?

The types of wood flooring currently on the market are subdivided into Factory direct Laminate flooring, solid wood multi-layer, three-layer solid wood, and pure solid wood flooring.

Lake Superior Laminate flooring

A, 4 kinds of flooring advantages and disadvantages of comparison

1, Factory direct Laminate flooring: also known as laminate flooring, commonly known as three paper a board. The surface is wear-resistant paper, the following is fancy paper, the middle is hot-pressed artificial substrate, is the density board, the bottom layer is the balance of paper.

    Advantages: cheap price, high cost performance; good stability, wear-resistant, anti-build. Rich colors, more choices, can be adapted to a variety of decoration style.
    Disadvantages: First of all, it is poor footing. The substrate belongs to this wood chips and glue pressed, so the environmental protection is poor, the degree of environmental protection varies from brand to brand. Density board structure, moisture soak easily deformed, swelling, and can not be repaired.

2, solid wood composite flooring: also called solid wood multi-layer flooring, the market is generally divided into 7 layers and 9 layers structure, respectively, 12 and 15 mm. it is painted by the surface, and then solid wood for the skin, the middle of the fast-growing material glued composition.

    Advantages: good stability and moisture resistance, not easy to cracking deformation. Good decorative, closer to the original wood floor, apparently high-end, and moderate price, suitable for geothermal environment.
    Disadvantages: environmental protection is slightly lower, mainly depending on the quality of glue and brand. Secondly, the surface layer of wood veneer is too thin, easy to wear through, drop something on it will have pit marks, not durable.

3, three layers of solid wood flooring: is also a multi-layer solid wood, the structure of only three layers. The skin is generally solid wood patchwork or veneer, the core material is mainly composed of solid wood patchwork. The solid wood skin is slightly thicker, basically around 2 to 4mm.

    Advantages: The surface layer is made of better wood, mostly hardwood, which is more durable compared to multi-layer solid wood. Can be understood as "more stable solid wood flooring", the use of less glue, more environmentally friendly.
    Disadvantages: more expensive, geothermal environment is not multi-layer flooring stability, easy to warp deformation, and the skin is easy to crack.

4, pure solid wood flooring: also known as the original wood flooring, by the natural a whole piece of wood by drying and processing.

    Advantages: has a natural growth of wood grain, close to nature, high grade, high value, high environmental protection. And comfortable feet, can adjust the temperature and humidity, have the role of winter warmth and summer cool.
    Disadvantages: expensive, high cost of wood, maintenance and high maintenance costs. Second, the wood has the characteristics of wet expansion and dry shrinkage, not suitable for use in places with large temperature differences. In addition, flat buckle solid wood flooring to play keel, high installation process requirements; solid wood flooring for floor heating, material species, technology, installation requirements are relatively high.

Second, durability comparison

From the perspective of durability and resistance to construction, Factory direct Laminate flooring has the best performance. The surface of three aluminum oxide paste layer, wear-resistant can reach several thousand revolutions, is wearing leather shoes, high heels in the above walk are fine, so you see shopping malls, hotels and other public places, most of the pavement is laminate flooring.

Next, is a multi-layer solid wood floor and three layers of solid wood flooring. Because of its surface finish layer that layer of wood veneer is relatively thin, so the cost is not as high as the original wood flooring, generally will use some of the more expensive hardwood wood. Then its impact resistance than some softwood species of those pure solid wood flooring, that is, the original wood flooring to some better. The surface of the UV paint wear degree is also better than the ordinary polyurethane wood finish.

The most delicate that is certainly the original wood flooring, water content is also high, deformation and cracking belong to the natural phenomenon. But that is the gift of nature, like the original wood flooring, you do not talk about that carry not to carry the build.

Factory direct Laminate flooring

Three, environmental protection comparison

Factory direct Laminate flooring is the worst, it is a large amount of glue and wood powder mixed together, light pressure is MDF paste a finish. The market tens of dollars of low-end laminate flooring environmental protection, environmental concerns can not be used for geothermal. Big brand Factory direct Laminate flooring, generally high density board, in order to environmental protection is also useful MDI glue synthetic, the price usually ranges from one to two hundred.

Multi-layer solid wood flooring, in fact, is pasted with a layer of good-looking wood veneer of multi-layer plywood, it is not small amount of glue. Relatively speaking, it is more environmentally friendly than laminate flooring, but it is difficult to guarantee the environmental friendliness of the plywood that is so thickly laid all over the house.

Three layers of solid wood flooring, as the name implies is three layers of plywood, but it is a little thicker than each layer of that wood, the amount of glue used is less than multi-layer solid wood flooring, so environmental protection is also better than multi-layer board.

As for the original wood flooring, its surface layer of UV paint after curing, the release is extremely low, almost negligible, plus it is natural wood itself, no environmental problems, so the original wood flooring in environmental protection is the closest to tile wood flooring.

To conclude.

Factory direct Laminate flooring, the price of the people, good care and convenient maintenance, its durability and resistance to manufacturing is the closest to tile. But the disadvantage is poor environmental protection, formaldehyde is easy to exceed the standard. More suitable for low budget families, or better ventilation of public places to use.

Multi-layer solid wood flooring and three-layer solid wood flooring, to put it bluntly, is close to the original wood good-looking plywood, it has both the characteristics of solid wood flooring, but also has a laminate flooring with glue synthesis of this property.

Market prices range from two or three hundred to four or five hundred, environmental protection is better than laminate flooring, generally large brands are generally in line with national standards. Consider environmental protection is more suitable to choose three layers of solid wood, consider geothermal stability, more suitable for multi-layer solid wood.

If you especially like wood flooring, and the wallet bulging not bad money, it is recommended to directly choose the original wood flooring. Decoration grade, and environmental protection, good footing, warm in winter and cool in summer is very suitable for paving in the bedroom, study and other places.


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