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Easy installation spc flooring features, advantages and maintenance introduction
 2022/01/06 | View:934

If we are tired of seeing and using wooden flooring in our house, we can indeed use easy installation spc flooring to replace our wooden flooring. After the replacement, we will feel that this flooring effect is really good, not worse than wood flooring, and easier to take care of. The cause of this problem, mainly easy installation spc flooring 4 points of the characteristics of the decision.

easy installation spc flooring

(A): Environmental protection

For the appearance of easy installation spc flooring, you will find that it is in the whole appearance of the texture. With our solid wood flooring is very similar, basically the same, placed together almost can not see the difference. But we should be clear, our home wood flooring is the use of wood and glue of the two materials made, unless it is pure solid wood flooring.

And spc flooring, it is the use of calcium powder plus polyvinyl chloride raw materials pressed. There is no glue in it. So from the environmental point of view, spc flooring without glue, no pollutant release, to be more environmentally friendly than traditional wood flooring.

(II): Composition

For the composition of solid wood flooring, he we should all know, whether it is more high-grade pure solid wood flooring, or composite solid wood flooring, or multi-layer solid wood flooring, etc., they are layer by layer of plates, the surface is coated with film processing. So the composition of wooden flooring is very simple.

The composition of easy installation spc flooring is relatively more complex. It is generally composed of five layers. The five layers from the inside to the outside contain the base layer, the middle layer, the color film layer, the wear layer and the UV layer. Each layer has its own role, so that the combination of the formation of spc flooring. Also let spc floor has more advantages.

(C): Advantages

For easy installation spc flooring, in fact, we focus most on the advantages that spc flooring embodies in addition to environmental performance. Because these advantages, is closely related to our future use. So, focus on the advantages that spc flooring has compared with traditional wood flooring.

①, the thickness is thinner than wood flooring. Like the common spc flooring on the market now is basically five layers of compression, and finally made. Although it is made of five layers of compression, but its thickness is only about 4mm~4.5mm. You can go to compare the wood flooring. Like the common solid wood laminate flooring, basically have reached more than a centimeter, and even some reached 1.5cm. so the difference between the two in thickness is a centimeter. This centimeter is still very important for the high requirements of the family.

②, wear-resistant performance is more excellent. For the wear resistance of wood flooring, in fact, the main surface coating treatment. This also leads to wood flooring wear resistance performance is still relatively poor. But for easy installation spc flooring, its wear resistance performance is very good. As the spc flooring in the process of production added a layer of wear-resistant layer, for this layer of wear-resistant layer of professional institutions have done the experimental data, found that s pc flooring wear-resistant layer is a lot of ordinary wood flooring several times. This can ensure that our spc flooring use longer years, to avoid scratches. So, it is also very suitable for use in some areas where people often move around.

③, has the performance of waterproof. In fact, our wood flooring surface coating is also waterproof after it is done, but the stubble between wood flooring and wood flooring is not waterproof, there will be water are filled in, wood flooring is basically scrapped. This is also a defect of wood flooring. The water resistance of spc flooring is very good, its whole surface is processed by special technology, water is not infiltrated. So if we have certain waterproof requirements for the home, easy installation spc flooring is a better choice.

④、Good thermal conductivity. Good thermal conductivity, this feature also determines the spc flooring is actually can be used for the ground with floor heating. We should all know that, like our home with floor heating, in fact, many decorators recommend that we try to choose to lay tile. But for the bedroom and other rooms, and not suitable for laying tiles, so this time personal advice to understand spc flooring. spc flooring raw material is contained in the calcium powder, it can quickly conduct heat, in addition there is a very important point is spc flooring will not be because of heat and volatile release of toxic and harmful gases.

(D): Maintenance

For wood flooring, we may have the most headache is for the maintenance of the plate. Especially the choice of solid wood high-grade flooring, if not properly maintained, may be our solid wood flooring is scrapped. And solid wood laminate flooring, although maintenance to be simple, but also very laborious. Because any species of wood flooring, relatively speaking, are more delicate and expensive, all need to be regularly maintained, otherwise there may be poor gloss, or even blackened and so on.

If we want to maintain the floor at home as simple and easy as tiles, then this time I personally suggest that you try spc flooring. This is because the spc floor itself manufacturing process and some special process of the material, to ensure that it is installed after almost no need to go to maintenance. Usually after dirty, take the mop a mop on the end of the matter. From the point of view of maintenance, spc flooring is the victory over wooden flooring.

spc flooring

Wooden flooring in the home, indeed, has existed for many, many years, mainly because the texture of wood is accepted by everyone. But now there is a new type of material, is the easy installation spc flooring introduced above, also has the effect of wood flooring, but in terms of performance and far better than wood flooring. So if you plan to decorate the wood flooring, but worried about some performance of wood flooring, you can come to know about spc flooring. Of course, easy installation spc flooring also has a disadvantage of its own, that is, its thickness is relatively thin, it may not feel particularly good. So, if you plan to buy, you can also go ahead and learn about it.


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