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The pros and cons of formaldehyde-free flooring
 2022/09/29 | View:652

Is formaldehyde-free flooring formaldehyde-free? When we buy wood boards in the market, the manufacturer advertises formaldehyde-free adhesives, which only proves that formaldehyde-free flooring was used in the later production process. Does it contain formaldehyde itself? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


The disadvantage of formaldehyde-free flooring


1. There are two disadvantages of deformation and cracking; formaldehyde-free flooring is prone to deformation and cracking because of low temperature and low pressure.


2. The price of formaldehyde-free flooring is getting higher and the quality is getting worse.


3. Formaldehyde-free flooring is the preferred wood, but natural wood still has some defects such as rot, dead joint, moth, crevices, and skin.


4. Formaldehyde-free flooring has color differences due to the natural nature of wood.


5. Formaldehyde-free flooring has a high moisture content of 5 to 14 percent.


6. Formaldehyde-free flooring is not advertised with formaldehyde-containing adhesives, but we can not confirm that formaldehyde-free flooring itself does not contain formaldehyde.


formaldehyde-free flooring

The advantage of formaldehyde-free flooring


1. Good stability


The natural properties of formaldehyde-free flooring and the strange layout of its growth make it very stable.


2. affordable


Formaldehyde-free flooring has a high market demand and is well supplied with materials, so it is generally much cheaper than hardwood flooring.


3. Easy to take care of


Formaldehyde-free flooring has a well-treated, abrasion-resistant exterior and generally requires only regular care to keep the finish fresh.


In the process of selecting wood, while considering the price, we should choose carefully, compare the characteristics of different boards, choose the board with high performance and price, no formaldehyde pollution, and can not blindly pursue the price.


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